We are a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 Organization registered in the State of Ohio. We are compassionately dedicated to improving the lives of girls in rural Africa who are adversely affected by the inequalities in the society.

How are we different
We are working with Specific villages, and specific people
Founder and most board members come from Kenya and Ghana respectively and know what it is like to lack.

(Is. 61:3): From Ashes to Beauty
A beautiful exchange takes place as Jesus wipes away the girls tears and uplifts them through giving faith and hope and restores the way they look at themselves to match how He sees them

We strive to provide young girls and schools in Africa with the following:
• Financial sponsorship for girls’ tuition so they can stay in school
• Personal hygiene products and supplies: “feminine hygiene” products (sanitary towels, under-wear/panties)
• Books directly to the schools.
• School supplies directly to the girls
• Monthly scholarships to partner organizations in Africa to purchase food supplies for the girls.
• Looking into shipping actual “food” supplies from USA to Africa if donations become available.
• Educating the parents and girls on why it’s not a good thing to practice “FGM” on their girls.

Primary Objective:

Girls affected by adverse social inequalities in Rural Africa (currently working with girls in West Pokot – Kenya, and Adeiso – Ghana)

Future Objective:
Establish a community center where girls can educate themselves through music, computers, books.
Establish a Music Lab to encourage creativity and confidence.

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